Happy 16th Day!

The Sweet Sixteen authors have been keeping busy, and not just with edits.

Laura Shovan, author of the forthcoming middle grade novel, THE LAST FIFTH GRADE OF EMERSON ELEMENTARY, was selected to be a second round CYBILS judge for 2014, in the poetry category. CYBILS = Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers Literary Awards. To find out more about the contest and Laura’s role check out CYBILS.

Nisha Sharma sold the movie rights to MY SO CALLED BOLLYWOOD LIFE. Here’s the deets: Producer Susan Cartsonis (The Duff, Aquamarine; Beastly) has optioned the book for filmmakers Gurinder Chadha and Paul Mayeda-Berges (Bend it LIke Bekham, Bride and Prejudice, Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging) to adapt. Watch for it in a theatre near you!

Ellen Goodlett, YA author of THE QUIET ONES, wrote a comic short story that came out in an anthology at NY ComicCon last weekend, and her illustrator was signing copies. She’s also created a blog post about her (very long) journey to landing a publisher—and also about writing the book that finally sold. Her honest post is an inspiration for all writers to never give up.

Kate Hart is a total badass and has appropriately started an interview series called Badass Ladies You Should Know. Watch out for her (badass) YA debut, AFTER THE FALL.

Celeste Lim wins hands-down for having the most exciting travel plans. She’ll soon be journeying to China and staying in Harbin for four months, all to research Buddhist temples for her work-in-progress novel. Her 2016 debut is THE BRIDE FROM HUANAN.

Shannon Parker, YA author of CRUSHING, had a short story published in the inaugural issue of The Maine Review (Summer, 2014).

Marisa Reichardt, YA author of SHUT-IN, posted a blog about the journey to getting her agent and then a publishing deal.

Sweet Sixteen Authors Boston

L-R: Victoria J. Coe, Lee Malone, Emily Martin, Monica Tesler

Many of The Sweet Sixteens were lucky enough to meet up at conferences and local gatherings.

Serendipity struck in early October when four Boston area Sweet Sixteeners discovered they were all part of the same local meet up group. Victoria J Coe, Lee Malone, Emily Martin, and Monica Tesler celebrated recent book deals while connecting over crepes in Davis Square.

For more author meet-up photos, check out our Facebook Page.

We’ll see you on the 16th day each month to catch you up on all The Sweet Sixteen happenings.




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