Top Sixteen: Thoughts Going Through Your Head As You Write Your Second Book

by 2016 Debut Author Lee Gjertsen Malone

  1. typewriter jamWikipedia has an extensive list of one-hit wonders organized by decade. Not that there’s anything significant about that.
  2. Maybe I should just write a sequel! Wait, I killed everybody off at the end of the first one.
  3. What about a prequel? I hear those are all the rage these days.
  4. I rejoice in the erudition and alacrity with which my cogitations flow gracefully upon the page as a constellation of harmonious perfection.
  5. Me no know how write book good.
  6. Two words: Harper Lee
  7. If I convince my agent to sell this book before I write it, I can write it on the beach in Mexico.
  8. Why bother, my agent is going to hate this book.
  9. My agent will love this book, but all the editors are going to hate it, so there’s no point.
  10. Now that I think about it, I actually hate this book.
  11. They have Gilmore Girls streaming on Netflix now. All seven seasons. I’ll just say it’s research for my next YA novel…
  12. If they make my first book into a movie, who should star in it? I hope it’s not that guy from that show, you know that       show…I hate that guy.
  13. Maybe it’s time to think about grad school. I could get an MFA! Nothing would be more inspiring than discussing my writing in a room full of authors who were born when I was in high school.
  14. I have so much more time now that I don’t have to stalk editors and agents on twitter, this book will practically write itself.
  15. I wonder many people have added my debut novel on Goodreads? I mean, since I checked this morning.
  16. Hold the phone, I know what I should do – write a blog!



Lee Gjertsen Malone

Lee Gjertsen Malone’s middle grade novel, THE LAST BOY AT ST. EDITH’S, will be published by Simon & Schuster/ Aladdin in Spring 2016.  Find her online at