Meet the Author: Bridget Hodder

Bridget HodderBridget Hodder, a two-time Golden Heart® finalist, writes fairytale romance and adventure set in the fictional Kingdom of Angland. She lives in a New England shingled cottage by the sea with her husband and two sons. When she isn’t writing or doing her “day job” of helping families who struggle with autism, she and her husband love to dance the Argentine Tango together.

Her debut middle grade novel, THE RAT PRINCE (Farrar, Straus and Giroux/Margaret Ferguson Books, Spring 2016), tells the story of Char–the dashing Prince of the Rats–who’s in love with Cinderella. He and his best friend Swiss are changed into coachmen by the Fairy Godmother on the night of the big ball. And they’re about to turn the legend (and the evening) upside down on the way to a most unexpected happy ending!

Bridget is the Sweet Sixteens “List Mistress.” She compiles and coordinates the Top Sixteen Lists that post every other week on the Sweet Sixteens blog.

Fun facts:

  • Her favorite book growing up: Frances Hodgson Burnett’s Victorian classic A LITTLE PRINCESS. Sara Crewe’s relationship with Melchisidec the rat was a big inspiration for THE RAT PRINCE.
  • Childhood aspiration: Governess for Captain von Trapp.
  • Favorite time of day/place to write: In her head. All the time.
  • Book currently reading: Re-reading THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green.
  • Favorite sport team: What is this thing called “sports?”
  • Surprising personal fact: Bridget started her career as an archaeologist, translating ancient Aztec manuscripts–it’s legit to read great stories all day if they’re written in Nahuatl.

Where to find her:

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17 thoughts on “Meet the Author: Bridget Hodder

  1. Writing all day in your head! I love it! That way of staying in the story even when you aren’t actually writing it lends to the richness of the writing, where it really comes to life. Can’t wait for the book!

  2. Thanks, Marisa and Kristina! I admit, that “writing all day in your head” has led to some interesting parent-teacher conference moments where they say that sometimes my son just seems to be somewhere else in his head and I’m like, “Pardon me, could you repeat that please?” 😉 There is no cure except writing it down.

    • Terry, thanks for stopping by! I’m so happy to hear you’ll be sharing the book with your dear ones…it’s just so hard to wait!

    • Yay! I think one of the interesting things about both A Little Princess and The Sound of Music is that their heroines are not just strong and likable; they’re distinctly quirky, and the quirkiness is part of why they ultimately triumph. One might deduce from this comment that I am quirky, too. One would be right.

  3. So excited for your debut to release! I love your twist on the fairy tale and am sure middle graders will be enchanted by the book. 🙂

    I have read The Fault in Our Stars yet, so I haven’t seen the movie either (like to read before I watch), but I’ve heard it’s a well-written tearjerker. I’m thinking it’s an afternoon-snuggling-on-the-couch read for me– sometime soon.

    • Priss, thanks!!! I’m so excited, too! And TFIOS is one of those books that grabs you from the first page and you just have to keep on reading; go for it!

  4. Ancient Aztec manuscripts, Argentine Tango and Captain von Trapp? Almost makes up for you not being a Red Sox fan. 😉 I can’t wait to meet up Cape-side and am so looking forward to THE RAT PRINCE!

  5. Thanks, Maria B!!! Did I know Captain von Trapp was a thing? No I did not. There’s probably even a special name for those legions of fans i didn’t know about. #DuhBridget #vonTrappists

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