Suh-weet Giveaway! Guess the Sweet 16 Novel and Win a Crit from Kate Hart!


Calling all bookish Nancy Drew-types! (is that redundant? We hope so.)

It’s your chance to flaunt your sleuthy skills AND win a free critique of your Work in Progress’s first 30 pages by Kate Hart (AFTER THE FALL, FSG, Fall 2016).

Be the first to correctly match the 16th line to its Sweet 16 debut novel.

Read on:


If she hadn’t been obsessed with her horoscope and the possibility that Raj could be her soul mate, she would have known earlier that her relationship was doomed.”

Great line, right? But which novel is it from?

A. Darcy Woods‘ SUMMER OF SUPERNOVA (Random House/Crown, Spring 2016)

B. Shannon Parker’s CRUSHING (Simon & Schuster/Simon Pulse, Spring 2016)

C. Nisha Sharma’s MY SO CALLED BOLLYWOOD LIFE (Crown, Spring 2016)

D. Ashleigh Herring Blake‘s SUFFER LOVE (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Spring 2016)

Know it? Want it? Send your answer to And good luck!


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