Meet the Author: Laura Shovan

Laura ShovanLaura Shovan is poetry editor for Little Patuxent Review. Her chapbook, Mountain, Log, Salt and Stone, won the inaugural Harriss Poetry Prize. A Rita Dove Poetry Award finalist, Laura conducts school poetry residencies for the Maryland State Arts Council.

Laura’s debut middle grade novel, THE LAST FIFTH GRADE OF EMERSON ELEMENTARY (Wendy Lamb Books/Random House, Spring 2016), is written in verse. When fifth graders learn that their school will be torn down and replaced by a supermarket, they take their teacher’s 1960s political teachings to heart and fight to save it.

Laura, along with Marisa Reichardt, coordinates the Sweet Sixteens Facebook page. In addition to sharing Sweet Sixteens news, YA/MG newsworthy items, and posts from the Sweet Sixteens website and YouTube channel, she also shares links to blog posts, guest posts, interviews, and more featuring our fabulous Sweet Sixteens authors. Laura and Marisa are also coordinating the Sweet Sixteens author interviews.

Fun facts:

  • Favorite books growing up: Lewis Carroll’s ALICE books
  • Childhood aspiration: Writer
  • Favorite time of day/place to write: Mornings after her teens leave for school
  • Book currently reading/most recently read: SKIN HUNGER, Kathleen Duey
  • Favorite things to do (other than reading): Knit socks, hang out with writer friends
  • Favorite sports teams: Baltimore’s Ravens and Orioles
  • Surprising personal fact: Her mother is from Nottingham, England
  • Greatest thing about being a 2016 debut author: The love and support she’s received from the kidlit community.

Where to find her:

Website | Twitter | Facebook

4 thoughts on “Meet the Author: Laura Shovan

  1. Whenever I think my writing work is hard, I’ll tell myself: Laura has to do the same thing…
    **in verse**
    and that will make it easier. Laura, this sounds so wonderful, I’m clearing a spot on my bedside table for it!

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