Top Sixteen: New Year Resolutions for Writers


Check out the top sixteen New Year resolutions for writers!

1. When asked what I do for a living, I will unapologetically list “writer” first.

2. I will learn to plan more than ten pages ahead when I work on a new novel. Maybe five. Two, at least.

3. I will find a way to look forward to writing a synopsis with zesty eagerness, because synopses are actually *fun* and *easy*!

4. I will write every. single. day. (Facebook doesn’t count.)

5. I will totally dominate every single social media platform I have been told is essential to my writing success, including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Snap and

6. I will limit time spent online to 16 minutes. Per hour.

8. I will keep a notepad beside my bed to write down any and all new book ideas, snippets of dialogue, character names, etc. instead of thinking I’ll remember them in the morning.

9. Definitely the 1958 Battle of Santa Clara, a decisive victory by the Cuban revolutionaries against General Batista. It may seem like an obvious choice, but to be fair, the possible list of New Years Revolutions is rather short. Oh wait. Resolutions? With an ‘s’?

10. This year I will never, ever lose sleep as I wonder whether my editor somehow interpreted my last email as pushy or argumentative when all I really wanted to know was if I could please just keep that last line.

11. I will use my dry erase board for 50% plotting and 50% doodles, instead of the 100% doodles it saw in 2014.

12. I will stop using the excuse “But those movies won’t watch themselves!” when I’m struggling with writing a difficult scene.

13. I vow that I won’t read the comments.

14. I will keep my eyes on my own paper, and only look up to cheer other writers on, not compare our relative “successes.”

15. I will do thoughtful “check-ins” with myself and my family and friends to make sure I’m keeping an artful balance between writing and emotional–GET THE BLEEP AWAY FROM MY DESK, I’M ON DEADLINE HERE!–where was I? Oh yes. Emotional health.

16. I will remember that no matter what the new year holds, it will end with champagne.

************ HAPPY 2015 FROM THE SWEET SIXTEENS! ***********

Contributors:  Amy Allgeyer, Brooks Benjamin, Victoria Coe, Lindsay Eagar, Laurie Elizabeth Flynn, Heidi Heilig, Bridget Hodder, Kathy MacMillan, Marisa Reichardt, Janet Taylor, Kali Wallace, Darcy Woods