#SixteensBlogAbout how and why they started writing

Some of the Sweet Sixteens recently took to their blogs to share how they got started writing. Check out their posts right here!

1. Kate Hart says writing is “a measure of how far I’ve come, of my ability to balance its emotional demands with my own.”

2. Dana Elmendorf  doesn’t care if you think her reasons for writing are cheesy, and neither do we.

3. Laurie Elizabeth Flynn is learning from her fourth-grade self.

4. Emily Skrustkie began long ago in a galaxy far, far away…

5. Claire Fayersdesire to tell stories started with the epic tale of Vernon the Vacuum Cleaner.

6. Kali Wallace mourns the pink-eyed alligators of her past, but has found lots of other delightfully creepy characters along the way.

7. Jennifer Bardsley’s writing journey led down unexpected paths.


Don’t forget to leave the Sixteens some love on their own blog as well as here!  Feel free to share this post with the hashtag #SixteensBlogAbout. Until next month, happy reading!

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