#SixteensBlogAbout Luck

komedal-road-four-leaf-clover2In March, some of the Sweet Sixteens took to their blogs to reflect on the role of luck in their writing.  Here’s a roundup of their posts.

1. Heidi Heilig explains, with helpful infographics, how much of getting published involves luck.

2. Sarah Ahiers ponders how making the right connection at the right time set everything in motion.

3. Laurie Elizabeth Flynn reflects on luck and timing in this crazy business.

4. Shannon M. Parker counts her blessings with the daily pieces of luck that make her writing possible.


Don’t forget to leave the Sixteens some love on their own blog as well as here!  Feel free to share this post with the hashtag #SixteensBlogAbout. Until next month, happy reading!

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