#SixteensBlogAbout Revision

In the month of April, the Sweet Sixteens took on a topic near and dear to our hearts: revision.

1) Sarah Ahiers boiled it down to 3 important revision questions over at the NaNoWriMo blog.revision-simpsons

2) Melissa Gorzelanczyk shares how revision has helped her improve not only her manuscripts, but her life.

3) Jennifer Bardsley gets down to the nitty-gritty with 10 revising tips for writers.

4) Kali Wallace makes a case for why all writing is revision, and gives fascinating case studies from her own work.

5) Heidi Heilig knows the ONE TRUE WAY to revise and is happy to share the secret.

6) Emily Skrutskie breaks revision down into 6 not-so-easy steps (which may or may not also work to skin a cat).

7) Laura Shovan shares revision tips for poets from Amy Ludwig Vanderwater.

8) Margot Harrison reveals her inner scalpel-happy cosmetic surgeon.

9) Laurie Elizabeth Flynn takes a break from revision to reflect on the never-ending process.

10) Jenn Bishop confronts revision, the beast that all writers love to hate.

Don’t forget to leave the Sixteens some love on their own blog as well as here!  Feel free to share this post with the hashtag #SixteensBlogAbout. Until next month, happy reading!

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