Top Sixteen: Sweet signs of spring


Hello, folks out there in Reader-Land! Though the weather may not be cooperating, you know it’s a Very Special Sweet Sixteen Spring when… 

1)  You’re wakened every morning by little birdies chirping this cheery song: “Why has everyone else received their copyedits, but I haven’t?”

2)  The days are longer now, but the nights seem longer, too. It couldn’t have anything to do with Book 2, could it?

3) You spent Easter hunched over a 45-page publicity packet from your publisher, wondering if perhaps you really do know Oprah and just forgot, in which case, how do you fill out line item #39?

4) The weather is *shocker* actually beautiful and you’d rather be outside, but instead you’re parked in front of your laptop, cranking through 19 pages of editorial notes with a deadline right around the corner!

5) Gorgeous covers for the 2016 releases are popping out of the ground and blooming for the world to see.

6) Other people are starting to think about patios and barbeques and the beach, and all you can think about is that nagging plot hole in book two and how you’re going to fix it.

7) You’re thinking back to that hour you lost to daylight savings time and wondering if it would have helped you meet your deadline.

8) You are comparing your book baby’s countdown to full gestation with other spring babies. Is it time to hatch yet?!

9) These things called “people” keep “dropping by” wondering if you can go someplace called “outside” and do something called “walking” with them.

10) You poke your head out of the revision cave to send the latest version of your manuscript to your editor. But what’s that? Saw your shadow? 6 more weeks of revision for you…

11) You dress your ARCs in pastels and skip hand-in-hand down the hillside while butchering the Sound of Music score.

12) You’re pretty sure love is in the air because you hear birds outside twittering for their mates. But wait– then why are you still stuck on that love triangle edit your editor was complaining didn’t work?

13) You can’t wait for spring, summer and fall to hurry up and be over so winter can return and bring all of our 2016 debuts that much closer to being real books.

14) You tell your kids that they’d better have summer jobs lined up or you will ship them off to boring relatives, so you can spend the summer quietly working on book 2.

15) The remaining snow in your yard seems to happily melt just a bit more when you receive your first editorial letter.

16) You look up from your MacBook, and it’s summer.

Many thanks to this month’s Top 16 Contributors: Bridget Hodder, Elly Swartz, Erin Schneider, Emily Skrutskie, Lindsay Eagar, Laurie Elizabeth Flynn, Heidi Heilig, Kathy MacMillan, Darcy Woods, Celeste Lim, Melissa Gorzelanczyk, and Laura Shovan


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