Meet the Author: Perdita and Honor Cargill

Perdita and Honor CargillPerdita and Honor Cargill are a mother and daughter writing team living in North London. Perdita used to be a barrister; Honor is studying for her A levels. Once they’d discovered the secret of mother/daughter collaboration (separate rooms and cake) writing Waiting for Callback together was enormous fun. Honor’s (limited) experience as a child actor gave them lots of funny material for their novels.

Perdita and Honor’s debut, WAITING FOR CALLBACK (Simon and Schuster UK, Winter 2016) is a contemporary Young Adult novel. Fifteen year old Elektra lands an agent but instead of a fast track to the Oscars it’s all humiliating (and mostly unsuccessful) auditions in draughty church halls and occasional moments in weird student films – and her chance to ‘star’ in a real movie is ruined by an unfortunate and improbable case of mistaken identity…

Fun facts:

  • Favorite book growing up: Perdita loved A LITTLE PRINCESS by F.H. Burnett; Honor’s favorite was THE SECRET COUNTESS by Eva Ibbotson.
  • Childhood aspiration: Perdita always wanted to be a writer. When Honor was little, she was keen on being a policewoman (she is old enough now to know that she would be a terrible policewoman).
  • Favorite place/time to write: They get asked a lot about their joint writing ‘process’ but it’s a bit less formal than that word suggests – there’s lots of sitting around gossiping about the plot and scribbling down ideas on any piece of paper that comes to hand…
  • Surprising personal facts: Perdita was the least numerate tax barrister in London. Honor (who was a drama girl in a big way) used to love (very quietly) practicing her lines in front of the Assyrian exhibits in the British Museum.

Where to find them:

Twitter | Goodreads

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