Show Us How Smart You Are.

images-1The first Friday in September means it’s time for the Sweet Sixteens’ challenge!

It also means we’re less than four months away from 2016, our debut year, when the very first of the sweet sixteen debuts hit the shelves. But we digress.

Match the 16th line to its novel and win a critique of your query AND your first five pages by Sheryl Scarborough, author of the forthcoming CS High (Tor/Macmillan, October 2016).

Get it wrong, and you might get House points deducted. Don’t doubt.

I had never seen a girl with skin like mine.”

Is it the 16th line of…

A. Mike Grosso’s I AM DRUMS (Clarion Books/HMH, Sept. 2016)

B. Ava Jae’s BEYOND THE RED (Sky Pony Press, March 2016)

C. Kathleen Glasgow’s GIRL IN PIECES (Random House/Delacorte, Fall 2016)

D. Parker Peeveyhouse’s WHERE FUTURES END (Penguin/ Dawson, Feb. 2016)

Got a guess? Send it to And may you never know the inside of the Detention Chamber.


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