A Launch Party Primer

Sweet Sixteener Carrie Firestone, author of THE LOOSE ENDS LIST, created a wonderful launch party primer for the Launch Party Committee, and she’s thrilled to share it with everyone.

Carrie FirestoneIn her own words: “This primer is designed for authors who are trying to figure out how to begin planning the LAUNCH PARTY! I’ve been hosting parties pretty much my whole life. I planned a party and invited all the neighborhood kids when I was three. I was the one throwing those ridiculous high school parents-not-home bashes and the college keg parties and the intimate New York cocktails parties and the outlandish kid birthday parties and the adult charity events. So… I know parties.”

Download the Launch Party Primer here.

Carrie Fireston is a former New York City high school teacher. She currently lives and writes in Connecticut. Find her online at www.carriefirestoneauthor.com, on Facebook as Carrie Firestone Author, and on Twitter.

8 thoughts on “A Launch Party Primer

  1. WOAW!!! THIS IS PRICELESS!!!!! Thank you SO much Marieke and Carrie! I am going to print this and safety-pin it to my shirt and never let it out of my sight!!!!

  2. I love your party primer!! I have been dreaming about my someday book launch party for years, so I’m glad to see someone else who approaches it with bigger is better enthusiasm. And I’m so going w/a desert bar. =) Thanks for all the great ideas!

  3. Party primer is downloaded and at the ready for my big day…and it looks like I’ll be flying Carrie out to Seattle to help me with everything — hope you’ve got Saturday, May 7, 2016 open…say 3pm? 🙂
    Fantastic post!! Thanks for sharing all the great tips!!!

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