Top Sixteen: Writer’s Thanksgiving


Hey, all you writers sitting round the Thanksgiving table…tell us what you’re thankful for!  

1) I give thanks for my book’s Amazon ranking of #527,456. Because, whatever. Amen.

2) I give thanks for Kirkus Reviews. And Book List. Because they might be reading this. Amen.

3) I give thanks that everyone on my team accepts my gif-abusing dancing cat emails, and ALL CAPS ENTHUSIASM. Amen.

4) Alcohol. Amen.

5) I give thanks for great friends who endure hours of painful plotting questions and don’t complain (too much). Amen.

6) I give thanks for control Z, the power to undo what has just been done. I wish I had a control Z for my life. Amen.

7) I give thanks for Whole Foods Market’s pre-made Thanksgiving menu, for eight-hour keyboard days have left me without the use of my elbows or hands. Amen.

8) I give thanks for Microsoft Word’s find-and-replace function, with which I can combat my woeful dependency on the word “just.” Amen.

9) I give thanks for the times when my family is safe and snug at home and there’s an empty table at B&N cafe–preferably one near the outlet to plug my laptop into. Amen.

10) I give thanks for all the tears I shed over my manuscript, because I hear it’s a great way to detox. Amen.

11) I give thanks that my editor hasn’t actually decided to axe me for being too difficult and incompetent. Yet. Amen.

12) I give thanks (seriously) for everyone pursuing the creative life–writers, artists, photographers, musicians, designers and more–because it’s hard but not impossible, and you’re making the world beautiful. Amen.

13) I give thanks for brilliant critique partners and beta readers who tell me what’s working in my story, but also tell me what’s not.

14) I give thanks for every Sherlock episode, every rerun of Downton Abbey and the Food Channel when I’m really desperate. Amen.

15) I give thanks for being lucky enough to have a debut book experience to be snarky about. Amen.

16) We here at the Sweet Sixteens give thanks for all of you!


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