Meet the Author: Robin Yardi

Robin YardiRobin Yardi lives in the California foothills, where–every once in a while, in the dark of night–a skunk or two will sneak by. She loves good stories, animals of all sorts, homemade cakes, and kids.

Robin’s debut, THE MIDNIGHT WAR OF MATEO MARTINEZ (Carolrhoda/Lerner Books, March 2016), is a Middle Grade Fantasy/Magic Realism novel. When Mateo Martinez spots a pair of skunks stealing his little sister’s tricycle—a tricycle that used to belong to him—he’s not sure he believes his eyes. But he sets out to investigate and discovers the skunks are real, they’re raiding the neighborhood, and they can talk! Fortunately, Mateo and his friend Ashwin are aspiring knights, and they’re prepared for a quest to retrieve the trike and win a stinky midnight war.

Fun facts:

  • Favorite book growing up: One of Robin’s favorite books growing up was A WRINKLE IN TIME. She even got to have Madeleine L’Engle sign her copy in person thanks to a really cool school librarian.
  • Childhood Aspiration: The first thing she ever wanted to be, other than just herself, was a teacher who became an astronaut. She settled for being a teacher.
  • Favorite Time to Write: Robin writes in the morning, after her kids are off at school, after a nice long walk, and after at least two cups of tea.
  • Most Recent Book Read: She just finished THE BUNKER DIARIES and she wants you to know that it does NOT have a happy ending, but maybe you should read it anyway. Be prepared for bleak, people.
  • Favorite Things To Do (other than reading): Sleep. There is never enough sleep.
  • Surprising Personal Fact: Robin actually likes the way skunks smell. For real.

Where to find her:

Website | Twitter | Facebook

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