Meet the Author: Jennie K. Brown

Jennie K. BrownJennie K. Brown is an English teacher by day, freelance magazine writer by night and MG/YA author by late night and weekend. When she’s not teaching, reading or writing, she can be found hanging out with her amazing family!

Jennie’s debut novel, POPPY MAYBERRY, THE MONDAY (Month9Books/Tantrum Books, August 2016) is the first in a midde grade series. It’s about a town where special powers are determined by the day of one’s birth and a girl (Poppy Mayberry) whose Monday telekinesis skills need a bit of work. Because of this, Poppy is sent to a remedial summer camp – Power Academy – where she is teamed up with her arch nemesis, a mind-reading Thursday Ellie Preston, to solve a mystery and combat the awful Headmistress Larriby and her equally awful side-kick Mr. Grimeley!

Fun facts:

  • Favorite book growing up: REBECCA by Daphne du Maurier.
  • Childhood aspiration: News Anchor or Author.
  • Favorite time of day/place to write: Early morning and late night. Her home office or at a coffee shop of some sort.
  • Book currently reading/most recently read: THE SECRETS WE KEEP by Trisha Leaver.
  • Favorite things to do (other than reading): Spend time with her family, travel, eat good food and drink good wine.
  • Surprising personal fact: She loves all-things Shakespeare! In fact, her 1-year-old son dressed as William Shakespeare this past Halloween.
  • Greatest thing about being a 2016 debut author: Being part of such an amazing group of debut MG/YA authors!

Where to find her:

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Add Book


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