Meet the Author: KC Held

KC HeldK.C. HELD was born and raised in California with stopovers in Honduras, Mexico, and France. Married to her high school sweetheart, and mom to two avid bookworms, she holds an MFA in costume design and has worked as a freelance costumer in opera, theater, film, and television. Although she once spent a summer working in a castle, there were no dead bodies involved.

K.C.’s debut, HOLDING COURT (Entangled Teen, March 1, 2016) is a Young Adult Mystery. When a sixteen year-old girl with an embarrassing psychic gift she can’t control takes a job at a castle-turned-dinner theater, all she wants is the chance to wear a fancy gown and ogle her crush from afar, but when she stumbles over a dead body that promptly disappears, she must prove she didn’t hallucinate a dead girl before the killer strikes again.

Fun facts:

  • Childhood aspiration: An Egyptologist.
  • Favorite time of day/place to write: On her treadmill desk, after drinking a giant cup of tea.
  • Book currently reading/most recently read: A TYRANNY OF PETTICOATS edited by Jessica Spotswood.
  • Favorite things to do (other than reading): Traveling, hiking, cooking, getting crafty.
  • Surprising personal fact: She competed in the Pillsbury Bake-off in college, alas her Toffee Mocha Pie failed to win the grand prize. But she did get to meet the Pillsbury Dough Boy.
  • Greatest thing about being a 2016 debut author: Being on this journey with some of my favorite people, and meeting many more fellow book lovers!

Where to find her:

Web site | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Add book


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