Sweet 16s in the YA Scavenger Hunt!

The YA Scavenger Hunt Spring 2016 begins today and runs through April 3, and 16 members of the Sweet Sixteens are participating! This is a biannual online event that promotes collaboration between YA authors from different publishing houses, offering fans an opportunity to see the latest and greatest in young adult literature. Participating authors will share exclusive bonus material, give readers access to top secret insider information, and offer fabulous prizes and giveaways for zealous YA fans.  You can find out more at http://www.yash.rocks/

Here are the 9 color-coded teams of authors for the Spring 2016 hunt!  Check out the teams below to see which teams your favorite authors will be on and what their featured book will be, and get ready to go hunting starting at noon PST time today!

Here’s a list of the participating Sweet Sixteens and their teams.  See below for the full team info.

Sarah Ahiers – Blue Team

Amy Allgeyer – Purple Team

Michelle Andreani – Red Team

Roshani Chokshi – Gold Team

Evangeline Denmark – Red Team

Jennifer DiGiovanni – Purple Team

Tobie Easton – Blue Team

Julie Eshbaugh – Blue Team

Everly Frost – Red Team

Jeff Garvin – Red Team

Melissa Gorzelanczyk – Orange Team

K.C. Held – Orange Team

Ava Jae – Blue Team

Kathy MacMillan – Orange Team

Marieke Nijkamp – Orange Team

Emily Skrutskie – Pink Team












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