Meet the Author: Elly Swartz

Elly SwartzElly Swartz is a middle-grade author, but that’s not the whole story. She’s been a Sesame Place ride operator, messenger, legal author, lawyer, business owner, and college essay adviser. To that add, mom of two amazing sons (19 and 22, yikes!) and wife to one great guy. Recently, the fortune in her Bazooka Joe gum read, “You have the ability to become outstanding in literature.” Elly continues to find inspiration in the most unexpected places!

In Elly’s middle-grade novel, FINDING PERFECT (Macmillan/Farrar Straus and Giroux, Oct. 18, 2016), when twelve-year-old Molly’s mom, aka The Juice Lady, leaves the family to take a job in Canada, Molly tries to deal with her out of control world by organizing, counting, and ultimately, winning her middle school’s slam poetry competition.

Fun facts:

  • Favorite book growing up: Judy Blume, ARE YOU THERE GOD, IT’S ME MARGARET?
  • Childhood aspiration: To be a doctor (until she realized she faints at the sight of blood)
  • Favorite time of day/place to write: The early morning at her desk with her coffee and her puppy beagle, Lucy, sleeping next to her.
  • Book currently reading/most recently read: Tara Dairman, ALL FOUR STARS/ Jeanne Ryan, NERVE.
  • Favorite things to do (other than reading): Anything with her family, hike, run, work on crossword puzzles, cook, walk Lucy
  • Favorite sports teams: Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox
  • Surprising personal fact: When she was little, all she ate were hotdogs with yellow mustard and black olives!
  • Greatest thing about being a 2016 debut author: Everything! And, she gets a year and a half to enjoy the anticipation.

Where to find her:

WebsiteTwitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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