Meet the Author: Gordon Jack

Gordon JackGordon Jack is a former copywriter, best known for the phrase “Imagine the Pastabilities” which ran in many Sunday newspapers. After exhausting himself creatively, he moved to Spain and taught his special brand of advertising lingo to English language learners. If you travel to Andalucía, you will hear locals exclaim in restaurants, “Hay demasiado pastabilities!” when confronted with too many menu options.

Gordon’s debut, THE BOOMERANG EFFECT (HarperCollins, November 8, 2016), is a Young Adult Jeeves and Wooster story about a floundering stoner and a Spock-like exchange student who must unmask a mysterious school vandal to clear their names.

Fun facts:

  • Favorite book growing up: MY FATHER’S DRAGON and JAWS. He transitioned quickly from stories in which humans help fantastic creatures to stories in which they are devoured by them.
  • Childhood aspiration: Cartoonist.
  • Favorite time of day / place to write: 6am in his parents’ beach house.
  • Book currently reading: THE FIRST BAD MAN Miranda July.
  • Favorite things to do: Travel and drink coffee.
  • Best thing about being a 2016 debut author: Meeting other writers!

Where to find him:

Twitter | Add Book

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