Thank the Admins!

As we near the end of 2016, we’d like to take the opportunity to Thank the Admins! For over two years, a core group of sixteen authors have been the tireless engine behind: ARC tours, Sweet Sixteen logo & web design, Facebook posts, Twitter love and so much more. To thank these incredible authors for their extra time and effort, we’ll be featuring a handful of administrators each month in a Thank the Admins post. We hope you’ll take a moment to extend your gratitude and give these peeps a virtual high five.

Kathy MacMillan

Kathy MacMillan (SWORD AND VERSE)Kathy MacMillanYour role as admin: Kathy was the founder of The Sweet Sixteens! *Huge shout-out to Kathy!* She coordinated EVERYTHING, including wrangling admins! The Sweet Sixteens wouldn’t be The Sweet Sixteens without the phenomenal amount of effort, time and caring that Kathy MacMillan has devoted to this debut group.

What’s up next:  An as-yet-untitled companion novel to Kathy’s YA fantasy debut Sword and Verse, scheduled to be published January 2018. Kathy’s fans are already drooling for this one!!

Thing you learned in your debut year: “Everyone will have different expectations of you and your book, and there is nothing you can do about that.  All you can do is focus on telling the story you need to tell.”


Victoria J. Coe

Victoria J Coe (FENWAY AND HATTIE)Victoria J Coe

30075003Your role as admin: Victoria formatted and posted all of the Meet the Author features. She’s been incredible about getting to know each and every Sixteener and making them feel welcome, both virtually and (for the lucky ones) throughout her book travels.

What’s up next:  Fenway and Hattie and the Evil Bunny Gang, the sequel to Victoria’s MG debut Fenway and Hattie, will be published on January 24, 2017. Victoria is currently revising a third Fenway and Hattie book that will be released in Winter 2018. More Fenway and Hattie means more smiles!!!

Thing you learned in your debut year: “This year has been life-changing! I’ve learned so much I can hardly get my thoughts together. But the biggest thing I’ve learned is I’m so glad I got to go through this journey with the Sweet Sixteens. To be part of this community of talented writers and outstanding human beings has been an honor.”

Marisa Reichardt

UnderwaterMarisa Reichardt

Your role as admin: Marisa posted all of the Fearless Fifteener interviews and kept our Sweet Sixteen Facebook page populated, along with help from MG author Laura Shoavn. Did you have your book news posted to Facebook this year? Throw a thanks Marisa’s way!

What’s up next:  Marisa is looking forward to foreign publications of her contemporary YA debut Underwater in 2017, as well as its paperback release. Today, she’s busy at work on another standalone contemporary YA novel. We can’t wait!!

Thing you learned in your debut year: “I can’t live without Shannon M. Parker.”


Brooks Benjamin

MY SEVENTH-GRADE LIFE IN TIGHTS cover for JenBrooks Benjamin NewYour role as admin: Brooks is our YouTube guru and tweets for The Sweet Sixteens account, sharing great news across both platforms.

What’s up next:  Brooks is hopping around to different states for conferences and festivals promoting My Seventh Life and Tights. In between events, he’s writing and has a couple of MG manuscripts on sub right now! Yay for more Brooks Benjamin stories to come!

Thing you learned in your debut year: “Things get seriously busy after your book comes out. This isn’t a bad thing, just surprising. But I’ve also learned that I the other Sweet Sixteeners are wonderful to rely on when you feel overwhelmed. They’re going through the same thing and they always let you know they’re there for you.”

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