Printable Release Calendar for July!

Here’s our handy printable release calendar to help you keep track of all the sweet July debuts coming at you soon!

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Meet the Author: Adriana Mather

Adriana MatherAdriana Mather is the 14th generation of Mathers in America, and as such her family has their fingers in many of its historical pies – the first Thanksgiving, the Salem Witch Trials, the Titanic, the Revolutionary War, and the wearing of curly white wigs. Also, Adriana owns a production company, Zombot Pictures, in LA that has made three feature films in three years. Her first acting scene in a film ever was with Danny Glover, and she was terrified she would mess it up. In addition, her favorite food is pizza and she has too many cats.

Adriana’s debut novel, HOW TO HANG A WITCH (Random House/Knopf, Fall 2016), is a Young Adult Contemporary novel pitched as The Ghost and Mrs. Muir meets The Craft. When heroine Samantha Mather moves to modern-day Salem, Mass., the crimes of her ancestors—who were involved in hanging witches in the town 300 years ago—come back to haunt her. Samantha is ostracized by the witch descendants at school, confronted by an enigmatic ghost, and forced to trust her only friend and, ultimately, herself, as she unravels the lost secrets of the hangings and her family.

Fun facts:

  • Favorite book growing up:  It’s a tie between THE LITTLE PRINCE and SIDDHARTHA.
  • Childhood Aspirations: 1) Be in charge of everything fun and leave all the un-fun stuff to someone else (she still tries to negotiate this scenario with her mother but she’s not having it) 2) Have a pet monkey 3) Drive big trucks.
  • Favorite time of day/place to write: Her bed… She’s like the grandparents in Willy Wonka.
  • Book currently reading/most recently read: FAR FAR AWAY by Tom McNeal.
  • Favorite things to do (other than reading): Act, spoon her cats, eat, go to India, jump in the waves.
  • Favorite sports teams: soft pretzels with mustard… wait, she means all the NY teams
  • Surprising personal fact: She played rugby in college for three years and went to nationals twice.
  • Greatest thing about being a 2016 debut author: Feeling vindicated for all that time she spent in bed.

Where to find her:

WebsiteTwitter | Goodreads | Add Book

16th Day Update

UnderwaterSpring Forward… Books Ahead!

The Sweet Sixteens celebrated a huge milestone on March 2nd with the cover reveal of Marisa Reichardt’s YA UNDERWATER over at Pop! Goes the Reader. This was the first 2016 cover reveal and it was joyous! The excitement is building as more 2016 debut authors prepare to reveal their cover art and we hope you’ll join us for this incredible journey.

The news about UNDERWATER didn’t stop with a cover reveal. Reichardt’s YA was one of the featured 2016 debuts in PW’s recent article on What U.S. Agencies Will Be Selling at Bologna. Among a host of gorgeous 2015 debuts were these Sweet Sixteen books:

THE EYE OF MIDNIGHT by Andrew Brumbach

HOW TO HANG A WITCH by Adriana Mather

HOUR OF THE BEES by Lindsay Eager

REVENGE AND THE WILD by Michelle Modesto

THIS RAGING LIGHT by Estelle Laure

Then there was the news that Janet B. Taylor’s debut got a new title! Check out INTO THE DIM, a YA Adventure/Time Travel due out from HMH next spring.

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