The Debut Club: An interview with Angelica R. Jackson, author of CROW’S REST

Sweet Sixteener Heidi Heilig recently spoke to Fearless Fifteener Angelica R. Jackson about her YA fantasy debut novel, CROW’S REST (May 12, 2015 from Spencer Hill Press).


SONY DSCAbout the Author:

In keeping with her scattered Gemini nature, Angelica R. Jackson has far too many interests to list here.

She has an obsession with creating more writing nooks in the home she shares with her husband and two corpulent cats in California’s Gold Country. Fortunately, the writing nooks serve for reading and cat cuddling too.

Other pastimes include cooking for food allergies (not necessarily by choice, but she’s come to terms with it), photography, and volunteering at a local no-kill cat sanctuary.

Find Angelica on her websiteTwitter, and Goodreads.

CrowsRest[1]About CROW’S REST:

Avery Flynn arrives for a visit at her Uncle Tam’s, eager to rekindle her summertime romance with her crush-next-door, Daniel. But Daniel’s not the sweet, neurotic guy she remembers–and she wonders if this is her Daniel at all. Or if someone–or something–has taken his place. Her quest to find the real Daniel–and get him back–plunges Avery into a world of Fae and changelings, where creatures swap bodies like humans change their socks, and magic lives much closer to home than she ever imagined.



CROW’S REST is available for purchase at Amazon, Books A Million, and Barnes & Noble.

Heidi: Fae and changelings and romance, oh my! The story sounds so rich. How did the idea first start to germinate?

Angelica: CROW’S REST is actually the second book I wrote, and in the first one (an historical ghost story called SPIRITS FROM THE VASTY DEEP) I was playing around with themes of possession and dark historical events. And although I love that story and will come back to it eventually, I was looking for a little more humor and fun possibilities in my next project. After watching a pair of crows hunt a mole in my backyard, and seeing firsthand how very intelligent and wily they are, a “what if crows aren’t always just crows?” question got my brain working.

And since I have a background as a storyteller, I had a storehouse of Celtic mythology to tap into for existing stories on changelings, shapeshifters, and tricksters. The result was my own creation: a corbin, a creature who crosses into our world by occupying crow bodies–and sometimes humans. That scenario just seemed like it would lend itself to all kinds of hijinks!

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