#SixteensBlogAbout their reading resolutions for 2015

stack of booksIn the month of January, a few of the Sweet Sixteens took to their blogs to share their reading resolutions for 2015.

Jenn Bishop writes about renewing her enjoyment of reading (and, oh yeah, flossing more often).

Laurie Elizabeth Flynn reflects on not getting caught up in the numbers game.

Kali Wallace says her resolutions are”on par with ‘eat more chocolate’ and ‘pet more kittens’ in the level of personal hardship they require”, but we think they’re pretty good!


And this one’s not a Sweet Sixteens post, but it’s so good we have to share:

If you, like many of our members, have resolved to read more diverse books in the coming year, check out Fifteen Diverse Authors You Should Resolve to Read in 2015 on the Lee & Low Books blog.

Until next month, happy reading!

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